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Heartbreak quotes Of Girls

Heartbreak quotes Of Girls

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  • masouds
    09-17 01:56 PM

    Wait, what kind of link is it? I've tried with 4 (Firefox, IE6, Chrome and Safari) and they all want to save that link. MediaPlayer and Quicktime refuse to play it too. WTF?

    Heartbreak quotes Of Girls
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    Heartbreak quotes Of Girls

    11-12 08:49 PM
    Waiting for CIR bill for EB relif is not worthy. It will unlikley be passed in lame-duck congress, as t needs heavy conference. It may be the good idea to push SkIL bill or somesort of EB relief provison (like budget reconcilation bill last year) in other bills to be passed in lame duck period.

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    11-26 01:46 PM
    Isn't H1B renewal more risky than I-485 as for H1B you have to worry about more things like, Prevailing Wages, LCA, Ability to Pay and even from the cost point of view for H1B most likely you will need a lawyer whereas for EAD/AP it is doable on your own?

    Am I missing something.

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  • Humhongekamyab
    07-03 12:59 PM
    That is right. There are people knowingly get into dirty deals with employers like
    (1) Faking experience
    (2) Working out per diems in percentages
    (3) Changing job titles to suit their needs
    (4) Most important - employee tries to do what he/she can to keep employer happy as the green card petition is filed - I have seen this - people I know do this - they lick the boots of their employer - get coworkers fired so that their jobs are secure - get personal in alomost everything with employer so that they feel secure and job satisfied - These are the people who come out anonymously and talk bad bad things about their employer because they know they are into a screwed up relationship - no pay hikes, employer cheating on perdiems - employer knows employee is ass kissing and talks sweet but exploits - employee knows that things are not going to be the same for a prollonged period - puts a false mask and blames organizations like IV for not doing anything - these are the folks who encourage employers to do what they want to do.

    And the day these employees get their green cards, they will open they companies and will do the same thing to the new immigrants; and the circus will go on.

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  • natrajs
    09-17 04:59 PM
    KubMilegaGC - thanks for all the support.

    I am now waiting for October 1st, attorney said that they will send an inquiry through AILA. I am not sure if I should call USCIS now, as they tell me to call after 60 days based on the response they sent to the inquiry that was made by the local senator.

    I also got a response for my 09/04 Infopass appointment today. It says "Based on the documentation you have provided, your cases qualifies for expedited processing. You should hear back from us within 45-60 days. If you do not hear back from us within 60 days, please call us back.

    I have no clue what that means? I have not provided them any documentation in the last 2 years. LUD on my case is from April 2009 (when I filed for AP/EAD) and status update is for the document they sent to me for FP in September 2007.

    I filed for AP last year in May 2008 and didnt see any updates at that time either. I have no idea where my case is or whats going on with it. Let's hope for the best.

    Again, congrats to you. After 16 days of pain and agony, I am glad you got your GC today, you can now relax and move on with your life. You too have been great support in the last 3-4 days.

    Keep the hope, You will get it , Good Luck and Best Wishes

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    Heartbreak quotes Of Girls

    07-15 12:25 AM
    Looks like we are safe until October! :D

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  • GCAmigo
    02-06 11:40 AM
    So How come all we hear from the core team is requests for contribution?
    & you have the answer 2 ur question..

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    09-24 06:55 PM
    I know the post was entirely wrong and foolish.

    But I feel that I am in the dark about IV activities for the past one year.

    I am one of the silent IV Supporters and long time (from the beginning) monthly contributing IV Member.

    It would be better to have a special thread/monthly bulleting page from IV to tell the members to know about IV activities or progress.

    After the last year July fiasco issue I have not seen any posting about IV activities on the web site other than lot of threads and could not able to figure out the work IV is exactly doing.

    I strongly believe because of IV core team only we were able to come through successful in July 2007 Bulletin issue. But do not know what else is IV doing for the past 12 months.

    The Flowers, Letters and Phone Calls is not working as we expect. I do not know about other activities other than sending letters and phones during every congress session.

    I believe IV need to do some thing different. There is no media reports about legal immigration issue (not for IV) for the past one year.

    My perspective is that we need to find a way that Media and Public will aware of the issues we face every day.

    I am not questioning the IV Core Team. It would be great if the IV members know some details about IV activities every month in a bulletin or thread etc.



    10-09 04:46 PM
    You are right on - most of conversations/analysis on RE market in India (especially Hyderabad which I am familiar with) center around how NRI/IT employee money has spurred the prices. its a big urban legend. Majority of these "investments" were with black money - corrupt govt employees, local businessmen, and politicians of all parties, and ultra rich actors. They saw a chance in converting their black money into white and pumped up into RE projects as "investments". I saw a report somewhere which said that these black-money transactions can account for atleast 33% of RE transactions in hyderabad (with another 1/3 coming from companies/FII's and only the other 1/3 from NRI's + local rich professionals like IT employees/doctors/lawyers etc). In the apartment and SF homes market most of the projects are in the mid-way thru completion -with majority of apartment projects scheduled to complete in 2009-11. During that time there will be abundant apartments with not many people living in them - expect to see rental prices go down even more.

    Of course these investors would eventually try to cash their assets - and deman vs supply equations change dramatically to drag down prices. In addition to this - the current global economic conditions are bad (to put it very mildly) - the argument that it will not touch India may not be correct. Our economy is a lot smaller than other economies like US/europe and depend a lot on those economies - more financial companies bankruptsies would affect IT companies revenues. Also there were direct investments from some of the failed companies in India - for example Lehman Bros had a investment in one of apartment project in Hyderabad. Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, etc. all have tie ups with RE companies with huge "promised" investments. Now that they themselves are in trouble - dont think that they would venture into indian RE market anymore - this can also potentially drag down prices.

    I could be wrong (was saying that this would happen for last one year - it didnt happen so far ;)) - but I think buying an apartment/house in Hyderabad/Bangalore/Chennai now in 2008 as an "investment" is not a great idea. If the buy is to live there - then its another matter (I never look at my home as an investment - its more of a life style choice whether in India or in US).

    On the same note.... On my last trip to India, Hyd specifically...I went around and asked some people I knew for an estimate on a property...I saw people just pulled the numbers out of thin air. I donno how they came to the number, there was nothing to track the real value, like revenue records etc.

    I think this also causes the bubble we are seeing, as some people who have cash and are willing to pay may buy it at that price and that will cause people to think that its actually worth that much.

    01-11 08:07 AM
    IV core team is very active and working hard. Just because we do not see their posts on the forum does not mean they are not active. Aman Kapoor or Waldenpond- IV founder is very much active and working hard on this mission despite having his greencard. We have regular daily discussions as a team and he is one person I have seen who sleeps, drinks and live this effort all the time. He has spent his personal money to travel to DC and still takes time off from work to travel to DC on regular basis. Likewise there are others who are committed to this effort and are working hard on the tasks assigned to them. You see me most of the time writing on the forum because in the core team, this is the task assigned to me. I communicate with members. If we have everyone posting on the forum, it will not be a good use of our limited time off work on daily basis. Also know that IV is not forums. Just by writing on the forums, nothing ever gets done on the hill. There are several tasks that we have to do in this advocacy effort to get something done. You can see more regular updates on the donor forum on what we do behind the scenes. It takes lot of effort, commitment and patience to be active in this effort because results are not immediate or guaranteed. But with our efforts we have have had our successes and we are positive about the future successes. The key is to be consistent, persistent and passionate about this advocacy work. We need to understand that we as an organization represent hundreds of thousands of people suffering due to the broken immigration system despite following all the rules and being legal in this country. This long wait has caused lot of pain and suffereing in people's lives and careers. Everyday we feel the pressure of hopes of thousands of our members who look upto us with some ray of light. As leaders of this organization we carry this responsibility bravely every day on our shoulders and feel motivated from the support of our members and the passion we have for this cause.

    We do admire IV's motivation and Aman's hard work. What we asking is, you to hold a rally in DC, or do something big, we are tired of

    1. Sending letters

    2. Faxing to senators
    3. Being asked for contributions, when we want too, but we want something big.
    4. For past 3 years, a lot has been discussed, done but nothing big.

    we would like to be galvanized for a cause, IV should plan something fast, before the summers.

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  • nitinboston
    05-14 10:39 AM
    I know some here just cant hear/consider another point of view, but by calling me names and being so upset, they only convince me further. GC pursuit has taken over lives of some. I so wish one had better pursuits in life.
    And bout calls for kicking me out, this section for analysis/discussion. If you want to throw everyone out whom you dont agree with, rename it to 'agree with me' section.

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    07-13 05:23 PM
    Send me a PM with your ph # if you are in or near the bay area and can volunteer your time tomorrow at the event

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  • webm
    08-19 01:59 PM
    Total Pending applications :700,000 after Jul-07
    EB3 : 385000 (at 55% of the total)
    EB3-I: 115000 (at 30% of the 385000)
    # of pending apps before Sep-2002: 11500 (at 10% of 115000)

    EB3-I quota per year: 2940 (at 7% of EB-3(42000))

    Years before my priority date becomes current: 3.9:mad::mad:

    Well predicted....:( hope it won't take that long though!!

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  • EkAurAaya
    11-20 02:06 PM
    May be its just me... but i think people like lou dobbs/Chris Simcox of Minute man defense corps/william gheen of Alipac (i think that's his name) thrive on misguiding and benefiting from innocent folks - I don't blame people who are misguided (who for the most part I would like to believe are genuinely concerned about illegal immigration). Its like the radio commercials... you want listeners to remember a phone #, keep repeating it... and the number sticks in your mind.

    Lou Dobbs - Opportunist looking to make money from book sales and gain popularity for possible government public post

    Chris Simcox - Raised millions to build a border fence which turned out to be a cow fence at best. http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/11/07/border.fence/
    Alipac guy - Has no job, lives on money raised from Alipac members (3000 a month + travel and other expenses - as posted by himself on his site)

    Lot of people are been misguided and taken for a ride in my view...

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    02-07 02:43 PM
    This is a great point. Even if we get one time relief,that should suffice because retro might not happen in the future as there will not be 245si/195kH1bs. I hope one of the core group members might want to look at this. This will atleast counteract the exaggerated and bloated immigration numbers by the antiimmigrant groups.

    It is just speculation that it will take 10 years or 15 years. Actually past 3 years atleast 50% h1 were used by TCS,WIPRO and similar companies. So those who are processing gc is less. But it may take some time to clear current backlog as we had 195k H1 cap till 2003. If 65k h1 cap is there then it will be 3 year waiting period for EB2 and 4 to 5 year for Eb3. People will speculate based on number of H1s. But their calculation is not including the number of people who are giving up and also many people are going back. But if they increase H1 then the situation may become worse. I think one time releif will be enough to resolve the issue for

    next 5 years. But Skil bill is asking too much(May be for permanent resolution of
    gc issue) and opposition is more as anti immigrants are quoting the numbers. Remember in 2000 the relief of recapturing previous few years did not attract
    large opposition and passed easily. Simlarly if H1 increase also limited for 2 or 3 years that can be passed easily as we can convince Senators like Sessions.
    But if we keep on asking so many numbers of H1 and Gc and also exemptions
    for Master degree then we have to wait for CIR as this will have lesser impact
    in numbers compared to illegal immigrants.

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    12-22 08:04 AM
    Minimal response so far. Please have this as an action item and please remove all the old links that are less valid now. If we can have some fresh links and those which can blink , it may attract attention. I know the other way will be when the situation changes like a job loss or out of status.. but I think we dont need to wait too long..

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  • overhere
    07-18 12:56 PM
    I am not sure if that is going to be an advantage since my PD was not current in JUNE

    who knows? immigrantconnect.com reported that they heard that some applications were approved in june even when the pd wasn't current in that month. i wouldn't worry about it.

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  • wandmaker
    06-06 05:28 PM

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    Heartbreak quotes Of Girls

    01-30 04:35 PM
    voted now

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    02-11 01:19 PM
    I believe you have to file an amendment to let USCIS know that you intend to continue on H1B after you return using AP OR file for an H1B extension if you are within that timeframe before a transfer.

    AFAIK, when you return on AP, you are paroled into the US and the I-94 you get is valid only for the term of your AP. When you send that I94 copy across to USCIS for your H1B transfer, you may have an issue.

    I believe this is just procedural since I have seen a lot of people continue working on their H1B for their current employer (Same as GC) after using AP and they have not had any issues.



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  • krishmunn
    04-18 05:55 PM
    Way to go JimyTomy.

    For all well qualified EB-3 folks it is a good and legal way of getting out of this EB-3 India mess.

    Many in IV will know that I have never opposed legal porting. However, I disagree that this is a way to get out of the mess. There is a fixed total number of Visa available. Per current rule this first comes to EB2 and is consumed completely leaving nothing for EB 3. If all (or majority) EB 3 moves to EB 2, the chocking will be in EB2 . So the "mess" just shifts its position.

    The true way is -- 1) Recapture, 2) Exclude dependents from Visa Number

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